Base64 Tool

Ultimate one-off tool to encode and decode Base64. Prepare assets for web easily!


Two-way encoding/decoding

Encodes and decodes files and text from the clipboard and local files.

Handy and easy to use

Hex and ASCII preview of the output. Save to file or clipboard in one click.

No more uploads

The encoding and decoding performs completely browser-side.

Large files

Process up to few gigabytes with no slow network operations.


Encodes UTF-8, UTF-16, emoji to base64 and back.


MIT license enables you to modify and republish this tool freely.

Fits your workflow

Common web tasks made easy. Whether you need SVG to Base64 encoding, image to Base64 converting and embedding into SASS/CSS/HTML, this tool finds you.

Open Source

Clean Vanilla JS implementation uses WebWorkers super-power!


Lots of explainers and manuals about base64 family, radix conversions, RFC standards and modern application of base32, base52, base64 etc. encodings.

Privacy and personal data

The service allows you to easily convert between Base64 and binary formats without need in using advanced command line tools, hex editors or code. Furthermore, this tool doesn’t use any server-side code and operates solely on the browser side. This tool doesn’t load or transmit provided files or your personal data anywhere outside browser.

Copyrights notice

This base64 encoding/decoding tool is distributed as is, under terms of MIT license. It’s free to personal and commerce use. To obtain the source code, follow the GitHub link from the footer.

Learn more

Read about radix conversion, base64 standards and more information about various methods of representing binary content in our about → page.